PeatDataHub is a network of scientists who aim to provide a global perspective on peatland processes by combining datasets from around the world as part of a database of monitoring sites. The scope of PeatDataHub is broad and will incorporate a wide range of peatland measurements, beginning with site metadata and water-table depth.

The aims of PeatDataHub are:

  • Bring together data and create a community of people working on peatland sites around the world ensuring the long-term scientific resilience of peatland study sites and, through collaboration, effectively use global scientific resources.
  • Efficiently capture the data from both short and long-term peatland studies, linking to existing databases where relevant, ensuring the findings from multiple studies are available to the research and user communities.
  • Answer key research and management questions related to peatland processes and environmental change, and to build upon existing data to identify research gaps, new projects, and improved methods.
  • Use the scientific credibility and scope of the network to engage with both governmental and non-governmental bodies to influence management practice and policy and to secure funding for peatland monitoring and research.

Participate in PeatDataHub

PeatDataHub is open to interested peatland scientists; to participate and find out more contact