About PeatDataHub

PeatDataHub was launched at a two day workshop at the University of Leeds in May 2016. Peatland scientists representing sites in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa attended the workshop.

Workshop sessions focussed on:

  1. Defining the principal aim of the network
  2. Agreeing the principles for sharing data between PeatDataHub members, and the wider scientific community
  3. Defining a set of research questions that could be addressed using global datasets
  4. Agreeing the priorities for database development

Workshop participants agreed to start by building up peatland site metadata and by adding water-table data. Additional parameters will be added during a second phase of database developments. We are currently working on the development of the core web-based application that will be used for data up- and download. For further information about PeatDataHub contact admin@peatdatahub.net.