In order to help you with any questions and queries you may have about PeatDataHub and its features, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please reach out to us.

Q. Can training be provided on a 1-1 basis for company staff and general support?

A. Yes, in order to help users upload data to our website, our Database Assistant (Tom) will be a point of contact to provide training, support and advice.

Q. Do I need to ask my Principal Investigator (PI) / Co-Investigator (CO-I) for permission to upload data?

A. It would be advised to reference your data management plan and your organisations data sharing policy. It is certainly good practise to communicate with your team as well as the institution providing your funding.

Q. Can Well Data be uploaded digitally? Or do I need to manually enter all my water table depth (WTD) readings?

A. Yes, WTD readings from Well Sites can be uploaded digitally using our ‘Upload Wizard’. Simply use an XLS file and have your data listed with ‘Date (DD/MM/YYY), Time (00:00). When you have created your Well Site metadata, you will see the option to ‘Add Well Data’. The Upload Wizard will take you through step-by-step. Please also refer to this video we have created: How to upload data to your Well in PeatDataHub

Q. Can Peatland site metadata be uploaded digitally? Or do I need to manually enter every site?

A. I’m afraid we have not yet developed a Peatland Site ‘Upload Wizard’. If you need help uploading data, please contact our email admin@peatdatahub.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. Can new Metadata aspects be added to your database?

A. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our users. We created our database using a ‘modular’ design specifically so that new ideas can be added easily when needed. Feel free to get in touch via admin@peatdatahub.net to put forward your ideas.